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For Buyers:

As your Buyers Agent, The Paoli Group is focused on matching your interests with the highest quality real estate available in our market. The purchase of a ski home or mountain retreat should always be considered an investment. When making the choice to purchase, we strive to provide guidance as to the best locations and neighborhoods within our great town and your budget.

Properties within the Steamboat market are evolving to a new standard of quality and excellence. From our knowledge of the local Steamboat Springs real estate market, new construction, local builders/architects and our use of cutting edge technology, we strive to maximize your time spent looking for the perfect property. By continually monitoring what homes are available on the market and what homes are potentially coming for sale, we can save countless hours of unnecessary property tours.

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For Sellers:

As developers of luxury estate homes in the Steamboat Springs area, we saw a need to market our projects in new and creative ways. With this motivation, we created a unique marketing approach/team that incorporates cutting edge technology and the highest level of customer service. From the way your property is photographed to the presentation on the internet we are committed to setting the standard for creativity. Our property websites and extensive network of marketing outlets provide our clients properties with maximum exposure. We provide you with a customized marketing plan, designed to give your home the best exposure. Targeting qualified buyers is our goal. To learn more about our innovative marketing techniques and personalized game plan, give us a call (a confidentiality agreement may be required).

When you list your home for sale, you and your agent must work as partners to ensure it sells as quickly as possible, and for the best price. While you take the necessary steps to make your property look good inside and out, we will go to work to make sure your home is exposed to qualified buyers using all the tools available in the marketplace. Using internet search sites (,, etc), print magazines, professional photography, our individual property websites (The Paoli Group, Chateau Saisons, Windemere Ranch, Multiple Blogs, Monthly Newsletters / Market Updates, Facebook, Twitter), open houses, local broker tours and other strategies, we can significantly increase the chances of the right buyer seeing your property.

Our process is to work with each seller in developing a marketing plan. This enables you to know what we are doing to sell your home and what you can expect to happen while your property is on the market. It will also include suggestions on how to make your home sell faster. There will be regular communication between you and us from the day the listing agreement is signed. We will give you progress reports and feedback from the people who have seen your home. You will also have frequent opportunities to ask questions and discuss changes in the marketing strategy.

Selling your home is a team effort and having the right partners, committed to your success is essential.

Why is pricing so important when you decide to list your home?
Along with creating a detailed, organized marketing plan for your property, understanding where to position your home in the market is vital to maximizing your sale price. When new properties come onto the market, if they are priced properly, there is an instant buzz of urgency created. Many times buyers have been looking for years, with no luck in finding what they want, or a buyer may have just sold a property of theirs and have cash in hand to make another purchase. Within the first 30 days of your property entering the MLS system, if priced right, you should create excitement in both brokers representing buyers and buyers themselves. There is always the unknown question of, “Will someone else buy this property if I don’t?” In your initial marketing window, the answer to this question is anyone’s guess and as a seller, you should try to take advantage of this opportunity. In a buyer’s market, there is an inherent lack of urgency and the longer your property sits, the less urgent buyers will feel about it.

Contract Negotiations
Is negotiating an important part of marketing your property? YES!! In today’s buyers market, understanding every aspect of how a transaction occurs and how to interpret a buyer’s ability and willingness to close is vital to getting your property sold. In today’s world of electronic communication, every email, fax or contract counter needs to be well thought out. The first part of entering into the negotiating process is to understand if a buyer is interested in the property or simply a bottom fisher. There is no reason to play your best cards to a buyer who is not going to perform under any reasonable circumstances.

Your agent needs to understand what your goals are and help guide you through the contract negotiating process. Minor missteps in communication can cost you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars or the opportunity to get a deal done at all. Every response needs to be well thought out and calculated as if it were a game of chess. Another important component of negotiating a deal in today’s market is the broker to broker relationship. Other brokers in the market need to have confidence that your agent will do what he/she says. Today, understanding contract negotiations is as important as proper marketing and pricing to getting your property sold.

We are committed to providing the complete package above to all our clients. If we choose to work together, you can be assured that every aspect of your properties marketing and sale are our top priority. For more information, contact Chris at   970.819.1432   ( or Amy at  970.846.2114 (
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